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  • 20 MINUTE WALK - $15

  • 45 MINUTE WALK - $25

$5/per walk added for each additional dog in home 

Group walks are a great option for dogs to walk and socialize with dogs of similar temperament and personalities. Group walks are usually based on locations, personalities, and size of dog. 

*in most cases individual walks can be accommodated as well

ask about our check-in pet sitting for animals such as cats, rabbits, birds, turtles, hamster, gerbils, etc...

Required Vaccines: Canine Cough, Distemper/ Parvo, and Rabies. 

in order to best serve you and your dog(s) we usually require a personal consultation, free of charge, before scheduling. The "Meet and Greet" is about 15 minutes, which helps us better understand your dog, as well as build a personal relationship prior to services. 

** additional charge for holiday visits **